My Memories collection is a unique beauty that can be enjoyed for years. My Memories collection – persistent color from the very first day.

If you need unique wooden floor with an original appearance, hand-distressed boards from the exclusive My Memories collection are a great choice.


Floorboards from the Mountain collection are refined in every detail, giving the rooms a unique character and contributing to the unique atmosphere of each interior.

Their characteristic texture and double-sided chamfering emphasize the color of the boards and bring out the true beauty of the wooden floor, which is universal and perfectly harmonizes with any arrangement style.


Naturals – Multiple finishing for any aesthetic effect

Thanks to a wide range of various finishing, the floorboards from the Naturals collection offer practically unlimited arrangement possibilities. Naturals wooden floors come in three classes, differing in texture, grain and wood pattern.

exclusive oak floors.

The manufacturer of high-quality oak

and ash wooden floors.


Thanks to advanced production processes

and the use of selected materials,

we can provide you with the highest quality floorboards.


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We are a leading manufacturer of wooden floors in Poland and in the world. We specialize in the production of high-quality oak and ash floors tailored to your preferences.